Kinder Scout

I have wanted to tackle Kinder Scout for a long time, but for some reason have never got round to it, so I decided to make it my first trek of the year. I found a circular route on the internet and it seemed straight forward at around 9 miles and 5 hours. My only concern was that it would be getting dark towards the end of the walk (either that or I would have had to get up early) so I packed a couple of torches, as well as a bivvy bag, first aid kit, stove and emergency blanket.

I arrived at Edale car park at 11.15 and for once I had remembered to bring change for the pay and display. Off I set and was soon on the Pennine Way, a steady walk until I reached Jacob’s Ladder, a steep section of path which exposed my lack of fitness.

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A Horsey Adventure


A couple of weeks ago, I started planning for a trip to the Norfolk Broads. The internet is a good place to start and has many sites for the Broads. It was on one of the sites I found out that the Norfolk coast in home to Grey Seals. To my shame, I didn’t know that the English East Coast had any seals and so I decided to go and pay them a visit.

A bit more digging around the internet and I found out that the females give birth in early November and the best place to see them is at the village of Horsey. Horsey is a three hour trip, so I made a plan for a day trip.

An early start was required and we arrived in Horsey around 11.30. There is ample parking next to the beach and an all day ticket costs £5. As the seals have just given birth, you cant access the beach. The viewing point is a 15 minute walk from the car park, were you get to see the seals from about 50 yards away (although I assume that varies with the tide). There are over 700 seals at Horsey, but they are spread out. Some of the pups were feeding, there were some squabbles as the mums chased away intruders and its hilarious watching them ‘run’ across the beach. It was amazing to see them and well worth 6 hours driving on a weekend.

After watching the seals, we walked to the village and had a fine meal and a pint in the Nelsons Head. It’s a very old pub, full of antiques.

Next on the list was Horsey Windpump. This is owned by the National Trust and is used to pump water from drainage ditches.

Our route then took us around Horsey Mare and onto Brograve Drainage Mill, a 250 year old mill and in a dilapidated state. With only stumps where its sales were and the top missing, it was quite atmospheric.

It was then back to the car park and a long journey home. I would like to go back one day, after the pubs have been weaned you can go on the beach and spend time with the seals.



Levison Wood

Yesterday I went to see Levison Woods show. He has recently walked the Arabian Peninsula and  is now touring the country talking about his journeys through the Badlands and beyond. I have seen his TV shows and always found them interesting and Lev always comes across as a very pleasant chap.

His show was very entertaining, funny and thought provoking. His focus was on the people he meets on his travels and he seems to come across many interesting characters, including a 64 year old sniper, the guide he meets in a bar and decides there and then to go on a 3 week trek with him and the museum curator who gets kidnapped by ISIS.

I am looking forward to the TV show about this adventure and I might even fork out £25 on his book (or more likely, drop a few hints in the build up to Christmas).

On to my adventures. I have not had much time to get out and about lately, but I have been planning a few trips. In the summer, I aim to go kayaking in the Norfolk Broads. So far I have obtained my canoeists licence and I have just had an Ordnance Survey map delivered and I am off to buy a kayak at the weekend. Plenty of time yet to plan a route, but I have already spent an hour looking at the OS map.

I am also considering a 4 day trip to climb Kinder Scout, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis although I might split this into two or three trips.

The flights and accommodation to Iceland are all sorted. Now to see how much I can cram into three days there.

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Future Plans

At the moment, i am in the process of planning a few adventures. I have an ongoing local adventure where I plan to visit several Iron Age sites in Nottinghamshire. I am also planning an adventure around the Norfolk Broads in a kayak (I have no kayaking experience!!). I also have to plan a trip to Iceland in February for me and my family.